There’s a lot of reasons to come to our hotel in Mount Vernon, Washington. You could be a family looking to forge lasting memories together amid the stunning beauty and rich culture of the Pacific Northwest. You could be a businessman or businesswoman ready to make a name for yourself in the Washington scene. You could be honeymooning, surveying, wandering, or just passing through; we get all kinds around here, and they all have different needs. That is why we work so hard to make sure that your particular needs are met, and your trip, whatever it may be, is as big a success as you could have hoped.

Mount Vernon sits halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, with Puget Sound on one side and the beautiful Cascades on the other. From here you can see everything that the region has to offer, and soak up some of the local charm while you’re at it. See our famous flowers at the Tulip Festival, celebrate our cultural heritage at the Highland Games and Celtic Festival, or just take in the Farmers’ Market in our historic downtown district!

With Quality Inn, you get a top-notch hotel experience at a value that can’t be beat. One night here should be enough to show you that you don’t have to spend executive money in order to get the treatment you deserve. Our beds are clean and comfortable, our service is friendly and professional, and our breakfast is hot and delicious. It’s the second best thing to home for all your working, playing, and resting needs!